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COSTER Design Services offers interior and spatial design concepts for entrepreneurs and design companies in the hospitality branch.


From first sketches into materialized concept plans, Coster Design Services provides design solutions in clarifying and attractive drawings. 

Some designers tend to have one particular style in their form language, which it said to be unique or esthetically right.
COSTER Design doesn't. Part from all operational and budget requirements, the design style is related to the emotion that the environment should express in order to enhance the customers' experience. This practical no nonsense approach is appreciated by many international clients.


Arjen Coster (1971) is graduated in ’96 at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of The Delft Technical University. After a 8 year career as an interior designer in Germany he started in 2004 as a freelance designer specialized in hospitality.

Member of Association of Dutch Designers
(BNO). All the general terms and conditions of this organization are applicable. Click here for more info

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